Thursday, 4 August 2016

Psalm 34:097

Jobe said... "bloody knock me sideways! Jesus has gone and grew a beard..."

It wasn't the usual type of beard that had been seen on most faces around Nazareth or Jerusalem or anywhere in Herod's sun-drenched land. Rather, this was a magnificent beard, all furry and fluffy looking. The type of beard that made kings jealous. And for this reason, Jesus realised that he must surely to goodness be a King... And not just any King, but the most important King of all.

So it was in this knowledge - and having caught a glimpse of one's beard in a mirror earlier in the morning - that Jesus went to his balcony to make a speech...

"I come to you with a speech. Put down ye baskets of fruit and stop stoning your wives for two goddam seconds will ya my fellow folk! Yes, fookin' shush. I have an announcement that needs a-making..."

The crowd paused and stopped stoning said wyves. Jesus responded to the lull of noise with his announcement... So forth; "I am ye KING! Now say after me: I am ye KING!"

The crowd obliged and smiled at their new King with big grinning teeth. "He must be a great one," they muttered among themselves, "for he has but the greatest beard I have ever cast me little eyes on".

"Ahh, that must have taken some growing and nursing", uttered a bystander. Everyone agreed and nodded approvingly to show so, not knowing what was to come of course. The rest is history, and a bloody strange one at that.

More to follow in future psalms and passages.

Lord be to God.

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