Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A Story of a Tina

Tina was told never trust anyone or anything. So she never trusted her toothbrush. Not even with the things it was good at, like cleaning teeth.

So all of her teeth rotted and fell out and she looked like a right miserable sight. With a smile that could damage the retina from a mile away, no one dared make her happy and no one dared make her laugh. Instead they played the cruellest of games to make her miserable as a moody old Maggie so that she would never be happy in the slightest. 'Tell Tina She's Tubby' was one of the games and it would be played by all the teachers and all the students at her school. Even on days off when everyone was expected to come in, naturally.

Not soon enough, terrible news befriended the Pandypots who were Tina's only acquaintances and were the only folks to favour her lack of gnashers. Tina had been taken gummy and no longer belonged in the world.

In America she was, which was very less world than her home town of Pigpott where some dingy old dope had once told her to never trust anyone or anything.

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