Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Quick History of the Williams Family Name

Once upon a Twunce, Mavid was a Williband and a Wamerson. Wamerson was quite of course the horrid side. They all said it, even the Pleggs who were silent mutes. The Willibands were good people and who would doubt it with such a name as that? Not the Wigliwams who believed all noises that fell on the drums of their ears. Rar rar and tar tar twongy twee they heard uttered and said, and after taking such sounds to heart they started swimming the channel. All this confuddling meant that Mavid was tapped in the old muffin top. He rode ponies and walked to Greek lands in his sleep to meet an olive picker - one of the Willibands distant relations would you believe the oddness of it? 'Twas odd and sodding blue to the mood. So Mavid said a good riddance and a half to the double barrelled name and became a Williams. And that, my dullest and closest friends, is where all the Williams come from. So never with sense on your shoulders suspect the tenacity of a Williams. You'd be a right fool and a fifth.

Thanking kindly the Museum of Names. 

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