Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tom's CV

Tom’s CV

hey my nayme is tom and I fanci workin at your companee bcos I kneed a job for the sumer. Pleese give me a job if u wud bee so kynd

Nayme – tom ‘reli good at tekken’ parker

Ayge – 19 neerly 20 tho

Preevius Expeerianse – i werked at my dads massarge parler for 2 weeks

Educayshon – Skool wer I lernt abowt how to make bananar milcshake. I kno numbers and mr gardner sed I cud spell wel but he wer laffin at the tym and I dont kno why.  

Relashonship staytus – singel but lookin for more

Hobbbees – Playin tekken on my playstaysion with rhys and takin my dog wellinton for warkies on the weakend. i lyk lisenin 2 riana and ladee gaga but I also lyk cheryl bcos she has a nice cleevedge.

Why u shud let me werk for u – i am a motivayted man and I always werk suuper hard if ppl need me to. I mayke a meen cup of tee and allways let the tee brew so u get tha full flava. I am relyabel.

Ours – I can werk in tha weak but not on the weakends bcos I have to tayke wellinton for warkies. I dont get up b4 miday so after miday wud be nice. I am flexibel my missus sed so.

pleese giv me the job I will be verry graytful and hapeee


PS my mom sed I have gud werk ethnics and I shud tell u so.

My emale adress is


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