Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Sick Man

A Sick Man

In a rather tall block of flats, situated in the middle of one of the country’s most unappealing housing estates lived a very, very sick man. He had been sick for just under three years and it was starting to take its toll. He had a name but given the fact that every passing second was one big step towards his death there isn’t really much point in you knowing it. He didn’t only feel sick but he looked it. Every mark on his face was more alive than he was and his clothes wished they were being worn by someone else. Most days he would just sit on a tatty settee in the only room of his flat and stare out of the window. The windows were so dirty that even when the sun was shining the sick man expected rain. It drove him insane.

Nonetheless, every now and again the sick man had to go out to buy food and general domestic items that were necessary to keep him alive for a few months longer. You might innocently ask why there was no one doing his shopping for him but really you already know the answer so we’ll leave it at that. When he did go out it was quite a chore. He lived on the top floor of the housing block and more often than not the lift was broken so it would take him at least half an hour to get out of the building. When he had finally escaped the building he had to stop to recover before walking two miles to one of those big shops where you can find everything you need to survive. In reality, the shop was the only thing keeping him alive. If he lived outside of the city he would have been dead already. He collected the items he needed and three hours later he was sat back in that tatty settee staring out of the window. The heating was broken and it was the middle of winter so he wrapped an old blanket around himself as tightly as he could and closed his eyes.

Two weeks later and the sick man was dead. He hadn’t moved from that very same spot and died the loneliest man alive. Honestly though, if you feel sorry for him you only know half the story. He really was one of the worst men known to man. Before he got ill he killed people in his van and that’s not the worst part. He would cut them in half and let out a laugh. Not nice.

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